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Gretchen wants to preserve and protect San Marino

and its unique way of life,

and be YOUR voice on City Council to keep



If elected to City Council, Gretchen will endeavor to: 

Preserve our architectural heritage & mature trees

Protect our neighborhoods & community continuity

Strengthen our police & unite residents to reduce crime

Increase fiscal responsibility & transparency

Address the City's unfunded pension obligations

Improve the City's infrastructure


Gretchen spent the past 20 years working on a daily basis as a volunteer in our schools, local scouting and youth sports organizations, San Marino non-profits and local charities.  If elected, those decades of knowledge, experience, leadership, community service, long-term dedication to our City, and can-do initiative will enable Gretchen to meaningfully contribute and make an even greater positive impact for the betterment of San Marino.  

 Gretchen regularly attends City Council, Planning Commission, and Design Review Committee meetings, as well meetings of many other community groups.  She often meets with concerned residents and advocates on their behalf on City matters.  Currently, she serves on the Lacy Park Landscape Committee.  Gretchen has had extensive discussions with current Mayor Richard Sun and many past Mayors, all current City Council Members, Interim City Manager, City staff, as well as Police Chief Incontro and Fire Chief Rueda. 

Gretchen is very knowledgeable, well-informed, and understands the major issues facing San Marino.  If elected, Gretchen is able and willing to devote herself full-time to City business, and she will exclusively represent the interests of San Marino's residents. 

    Gretchen has complete integrityno real estate investments in                              San Marino (other than her family's home), and no conflicts of interest.


Gretchen will devote her efforts on City Council to:

Decrease Crime by Supporting Our Police & Uniting Residents

The escalation in crime over the last year is cause for alarm.  Gretchen experienced some of this first hand and knows of the growing concern among all residents.  If elected, she would strongly support our police department and ask for an increase in patrols.  She would work to fully fund and promote new technology for our families’ security and protection, in addition to strengthening enforcement measures in city ordinances to ensure the safety of all residents and their families in the future.  Gretchen will advocate for a united community effort and greater resident involvement in Neighborhood Watch and other community-based neighborhood security programs.                  

Preserve Our Neighborhoods, Trees & Historic Resources

If elected, Gretchen would work to strengthen building codes and ensure they are enforced equally and with strict compliance.  With community input, Gretchen would enact a historic preservation ordinance which is appropriate for our City, and implement it in conjunction with a historical survey of our neighborhoods.  Gretchen will tighten the permit process for tree removal in front yards and medians, and insist on tough enforcement measures against code violations.

Over the past 17 years, Gretchen has had hands-on experience in the community's efforts to preserve the historic Hill-Harbison House (formerly known as the San Marino Girl Scout House). During her work protecting and maintaining that important community landmark, she learned that modernization and improvements can be successfully accomplished while preserving historic structures, along with the surrounding mature landscape and trees.

Increase Fiscal Responsibility & Transparency, Address Unfunded Pension Liabilities & Improve City Infrastructure

If elected, Gretchen would immediately focus on City finances.  Having led and served on many executive boards that have monthly financial reports, she believes this method of reporting will increase the city's fiscal responsibility by requiring departments to report monthly and stay within budget.  Additionally, such new reporting requirements will lead to greater transparency. Gretchen would introduce requirements for monthly reporting to be within budget by each department.

In the future, San Marino faces two major unfunded financial obligations and Gretchen wants to bring those matters to the forefront:

• Approximately $22 million of Unfunded Pension Liability that is increasing at an exponential rate; and

• Approximately $40 million of deferred infrastructure maintenance.

Gretchen would work with long range planning consultants to develop a plan to address our unfunded pension debt.  Also, she will press City to adopt a stepped up multi-year infrastructure improvement plan and to fund that plan annually to directly benefit the residents of San Marino and preserve it for future generations.


"I hope to earn your vote so I can serve on City Council and work to preserve San Marino with its beautiful neighborhoods, historic homes, mature landscape and trees, to strengthen public safety in light of increasing crime, and to promote fiscal responsibility and transparency, as well as implement infrastructure improvements in our City."

Paid for by Committee to Elect Gretchen Shepherd Romey to City Council 2017
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